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Outpatient Team Leader & Groomer
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Sheri joined the team at LVH in 2015 bringing over 20 years of experience in the animal care industry to her position including grooming, lodging and home care. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture with an emphasis in animal science. As a receptionist, she enjoys helping clients and patients while helping her fellow co-workers provide the best care possible to every pet and person that walks through the doors. When she is not caring for pets at the hospital, she cares for her own pets, Phineas and Eugene her two fabulous Betta fish, her large community fish tank, a husky names Zoe May (because she MAY listen and she MAY not!) She also has over 30 plants (most of them she calls by name) that she loves to watch grow! Sheri is also an avid Chicago sports fan who enjoys signing, teaching, dancing, spending time with friends, traveling and exploring all things new!