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XBoarding Message: Due to LVH being hit by the tornado on August 10th, our boarding facility is currently closed. We are unable to utilize that portion of our hospital. We hope that our kennel will be back open soon. Please stay tuned to the Storm Damage Update page.#LVHStrong

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Pay From Home-

Lombard Veterinary Hospital offers you the ability to pay your bill for any of our services right from your mobile device or desktop! To pay your bill, click the Pay Now Button

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No more calling in to take payment, just follow the link and enter the amount on your invoice. Picking up medicaiton? Pre paying has never been easier

When paying online please make sure of the following:

  1.  Enter in your Billing Information - make sure to verify that the info is for the credit card you are using to pay with.
  2. Enter the exact amount of the Lombard Veterinary Hospital Invoice
  3.  Enter your credit card information just like you would with any other transaction online!
  4. Hit the Green "Submit Payment" button

Step by Step Guide (with images)

When you are ready to pay online - click the Green "Pay Now" button above. That will redirct you to the payment screen.

  1. Enter your correct billing information:Step by Step Guide: Step 1
  2. Verify that your billing information is entered correctly:Step by Step Guide: Step 2
  3. Enter the correct payment details:Step by Step Guide: Step 3
  4. To locate the Payment Amount Due, you will need a copy of the invoice that should have been emailed to you, it is labeled in the image below with a Black Number 1Updated-Invoice-for-VetPay-Page
  5. Once you enter everything on the payment screen, go ahead and hit the Submit Payment Button:Submit Payment Button

Are you ready to pay a bill? If so, click 

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Did you receive an email or a text message from us with a link to pay? If so and you need help figuring out how to process your payment, watch the short video below. It will show you step by step. 




Are you ready to pay a bill? If so, click 

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