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XBoarding Message: Due to LVH being hit by the tornado on August 10th, our boarding facility is currently closed. We are unable to utilize that portion of our hospital. We hope that our kennel will be back open soon. Please stay tuned to the Storm Damage Update page.#LVHStrong

Adoption Program

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Pet Adoptions

Lombard Veterinary Hospital takes in homeless animals from many sources.  Some are dropped off by the Lombard Police Department.  Others are brought in by concerned clients and area residents. Our caring team of Veterinarians and Technicians provide medical care including pain management and lots of TLC while we attempt to locate the pet's owners. We follow all available procedures including checking up on any reports of missing animals and scanning for microchip numbers. When these measures fail after several weeks we often try to find these pets their forever homes from within our community of animal loving clients. Each year we are successful placing over 50 dogs and cats through our adoption program.

Call us to find out who is currently looking for a forever home. You can also check our Facebook page for the latest information about adoptable pets.


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