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Behavior Consultations


Need Advice on your pet's behavior?

Many pet owners have experienced pets engaging in unexpected destructive behaviors, so if this has happened to you, you’re not alone. Some pets soil in the house or destroy personal belongings such as furniture and shoes. Other pets may scratch, mark, or show aggression to certain people or animals. If you experience any of these behaviors with your pets or have any other concerns along these lines, they are not considered normal behavior and can be changed with proper attention! At Lombard Veterinary Hospital, we offer diagnostics to first check if any of these behaviors are caused by physical conditions. After these have been ruled out, we can work with you on basic training techniques to help eliminate unwanted behaviors.

Both Dr. Laurie Martin and Dr. Jessica Kania have a special interest in Animal Behavior.  While all of our skilled Veterinarians are able to help with most behavior conditions, both Dr. Martin and Kania are available for 60 minute behavior consultations.  Please call us to schedule an appointment. 

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