Veterinary Assistant

Karolina started her journey at Lombard Veterinary Hospital as a high school intern in 2013. She loved LVH so much that she started working here as a veterinary assistant! She completed her undergraduate education at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, where her extracurriculars included research with one of her professors and interning at the local humane society. Karolina will be starting veterinary school in August 2019 and she hopes to one day make an impact in animals' lives by specializing in either behavior, nutrition, or shelter medicine. In her free time, Karolina likes exercising, playing computer games, and spending time with her pets at home. Karolina's favorite part of being on of the LVH team is getting to know each and every one of the pets and their owners; she loves hearing the stories and seeing the companionship all throughout the hospital.