At Lombard Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to compassionate care. We provide services for puppies and kittens, adult pets, senior pets, and pets who have reached the end of their lives. Please remember that our care doesn’t just extend to the pets themselves, but also to you, the pet owner! We are here to provide information and support for the life of your pet.

Puppies and Kittens

Have you added a new four-legged friend to your household? It is important to get your new companion started on the right paw! Your pet’s first visit with us will be a 30 minute session that will include a complete nose-to-tail physical examination, as well as a discussion of preventatives such as flea and tick control, heartworm control, and vaccines. We will also use this time to plan your pet’s coming year in terms of health care, diet, exercise, and prevention.


Our vaccination protocol is conducted on an individual basis, determined as the result of an examination of each pet and a discussion with you about the lifestyle you and your pet lead. Some vaccinations are recommended based on the pet’s exposure. For example, pets who go camping or hiking will have different needs from pets who spend time exercising in city parks. Your pet’s visit is an excellent time to express your concerns and have your voice heard.

We provide the following vaccines for pets at our hospital:


  • Rabies
  • DA2PP
  • Parainfluenza
  • Parvovirus
  • Adenovirus
  • Canine Coronavirus
  • Distemper
  • Leptospirosis
  • Lyme
  • Bordetella


  • Rabies
  • Feline distemper
  • Feline leukemia

Adult and Senior Pets

At Lombard Veterinary Hospital, there is no one-size-fits-all veterinary protocol at our practice. Instead, we customize each pet’s health care plan around the particular needs of the pet and their loving owner. You can count on us to recommend treatments and preventive measures to keep your animal companions as healthy and happy as possible throughout the duration of your lives together.

End of Life Care

As pets reach the end of their years, we remain committed to their complete care for as long as they need us. Pain management measures can help your pet feel more comfortable. Often when pets reach this stage, we are no longer doing diagnostic testing or vaccinations which may cause stress, but instead we are providing the gentlest, most compassionate care to help usher them through to the end. We are also committed to providing support to you because we know what a difficult time this can be.

We are here for you from your pet’s first days in your family until their final goodbyes. When we say that we provide a lifetime of wellness care, we really mean it.