A core philosophy at Lombard Veterinary Hospital is that we prefer to recommend strategies to prevent disease whenever possible, rather than just treating conditions as they arise. We want to do everything possible to improve your pet’s quality of life as well as decrease the risk of animal-borne disease transmission to people. For these reasons, our entire team strives to achieve 100% client compliance in parasite prevention. In order for us to successfully protect your pet from parasites, including flea infestation in the home, all dogs and cats must be treated throughout the year. Our goal is to be completely parasite free!

Parasite Prevention

Tools Available from Lombard Veterinary Hospital We recommend that you use the tools provided in your Pet Portal to:

  • Help you remember when to give your pet the recommended preventative treatments.
  • Order refills before you need them so your pet does not miss any doses.
  • Remind you to schedule appointments for your pet’s preventive health care examinations, including parasite screening tests.

We also believe strongly in educating our clients. When you can understand the reasons behind our recommendations, you are much more inclined to follow through with them. We want to provide you with key facts that we think are important for you to understand. In addition, when you have questions, we want you to ask us. Now more than ever, there are countless places you can go to get answers, and some are definitely better than others. As your veterinary medical professionals, we hope you trust us as your best source of reliable, accurate information. Please let us know what you need.