Pet Boarding Services:

At Lombard Veterinary Hospital, we provide pet boarding as a service to our clients. These services are all supervised by our medical team. Our boarded pets receive personal attention from our caring staff. Dogs are securely walked outside several times per day. We can provide a mild, low-residue diet, or you are welcome to bring your pet’s food for their stay. We supply cloth bedding and change it regularly during each pet’s visit. All pets may be dropped off and picked up during regular business hours Sunday through Saturday.

We offer bathing services onsite at Lombard Veterinary Hospital! You may schedule a bath with one of our experienced patient care members towards the end of your pet's stay. Contact us for more information on our bathing services!

We offer boarding services to dogs, cats, and other pets. Please contact us for more details!

Boarding Requirements:

Enclosed is our boarding agreement as well as an up-to-date information page about our boarding fees and policies. Please take a few moments to read, verify boarding dates, fill out the enclosed boarding form with your pet’s emergency contact number, and bring it with you when you drop off your pet. Filling out this form before arriving at Lombard Veterinary Hospital will help expedite your pet’s check-in. Please be aware that you may check in with one of our veterinary assistants before boarding. The check-in process will take anywhere from 10 - 15 minutes. During the check-in process, the assistant will go over food, medications, and any other special requests.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may pose but our boarding policies allow us to ensure the best potential well-being of your pet both during their stay with us and at home. These policies are outlined below:

  • We are a medically supervised boarding facility. To ensure the safety of your pet as well as others, they must have an annual examination once a year by one of our veterinarians. You are encouraged to schedule an appointment for an annual exam 1-2 weeks before boarding. This will ensure that your pet is healthy to board at our facility, vaccinations are up to date and they have reached maximum protectiveness.

  • Any senior pet or pet on medication will be checked by a technician at check-in to be sure that we are aware of any issues your pet is having.

  • All dogs must be current with Rabies, DA2PP, Bordetella(within the last 6 months), Lepto vaccinations, and Canine Influenza.

  • All cats need to be current with Rabies & FCCP.

  • All pets must have had a negative intestinal parasite (fecal) test within the past 6 months. Pets not on a year-round Blood Parasite Preventative must have had a negative fecal test within the last two months.

  • Any pet deemed not to be up-to-date on vaccinations at check-in will be required to be examined by a veterinarian with the owner present, at the owner’s expense, before the pet is left for boarding.

  • Should your pet become ill during their stay at our practice, every reasonable effort will be made to reach your emergency contact. Please note that by listing individuals as emergency contacts, you authorize them to make any medical and/or economic decisions in your place. If unable to be reached, then our veterinary staff will administer any diagnostics, or medical or surgical treatments deemed necessary to aid in the wellbeing of your pet.

  • Lastly, any disease that potentially poses a risk to the general boarding population (i.e. parasites, infection, etc.) will be treated upon diagnosis and any fees for these treatments will be incurred by the owner.

  • Again, thank you for choosing us as your boarding facility and we look forward to serving your pet in every possible way. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call 630-627-7090 and we will be happy to assist you.

A boarding admission form must be filled out upon each boarding visit. Our hours are 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. We ask that you drop off and pick your pet up by no later than 7:30 p.m.

Reservations are required (Holiday time - at least 6 weeks in advance. spring break through Summer- at least 4 weeks in advance). If you have a large or special-needs pet, we strongly recommend even earlier reservations!

Vaccination Requirements:

All pets must have all current vaccinations. If your pet does not have all current vaccines through our hospital, you must bring an official receipt or proof of vaccination from your regular veterinarian. If you show up for boarding and the mandatory vaccines are past due, you will be required to see a veterinarian, and your pet will be vaccinated before being admitted for boarding at your expense. If your pet is not a patient at Lombard Veterinary Hospital, we also require a physical exam to be done at our facility at the owner’s expense before boarding.

Additionally, any pet admitted for boarding that is found to have fleas will be given flea treatment immediately at your expense.

Dogs 26lbs < $51.00 per day
Dogs 26-55lbs $56.00 per day
Dogs 55-80lbs $65.00 per day
Dogs 80lbs > $72.00 per day
Cats $41.00 per day
Exotic Pets $40.00 per day

Daily Fees: A daily boarding fee will be charged for each overnight stay except for medication administration.

Walk Outside: Any canine boarding will be leash-walked by trained kennel assistants a minimum of 4 times daily. (Please note, there is a small area reserved for walking outside that is fenced in).

Medications: Administration of up to 4 oral medications are included in regular lodging fees if they can be easily given and are given no more than every 12 hours. Please note, that medications do require a technician check-in.

Feeding: We feed Hills Science Diet Sensitive Skin and Stomach Dry Food (for adult dogs) and Hills Science Diet Puppy (for young dogs). Cats are fed Hills Science Diet. If your pet eats a different brand or special food, please bring enough food for their stay.

Special Diets: For pets requiring prescription food, please bring food with or it can be provided by the hospital (if it is a food we carry and it is in stock). If the prescription food is to be provided by the hospital, a bag will be opened and charged to you. Any food remaining at the end of your pets’ stay will be sent home with you.

Dangerous Animals: All dogs that are known to bite, or will not tolerate being lifted, must be scheduled into a bottom cage or run. The owner is responsible for additional costs involved in securing special accommodations for pets exhibiting dangerous behavior to prevent risk to staff members.

Additional Information:

  • Food and treats that you provide should be marked with your name and the name of your pet.
  • At the time of drop-off please take your leash/collar home with you.
  • Toys and any other personal belongings are left at your own risk—We will make every attempt to return any items left with your pet, but we cannot be responsible for the destruction or loss of those items during the boarding visit.
  • Due to sanitation reasons, no pet beds/comforters/blankets will be permitted.
  • Bedding will be provided for your pet from our hospital supply upon request.

Bathing Services:

We provide basic pet bathing services at Lombard Veterinary Hospital.

Additional Services that are offered while Boarding:

  • Trim Nails - $25 (fee will be charged)
  • Clean Ears - $36 (clean and begin treatment if needed would be an additional $35)
  • Check Anal Glands - $36 (Express)
  • Microchip Implantation - $72 (fee will be charged)
  • Blood Parasite Screen - $63 (fee will be charged)
  • Dental Exam - Complimentary
  • Any other Requested Services