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Mon-Fri: 7AM to 8PM
Sat-Sun: 8AM to 8PM
Holidays: 8AM to 2PM
XUPDATE:We are excited to announce that as of May 17th, we will be allowing clients to accompany their pet(s) during exams. For more information,click here.

Boarding Consent Form


This form is for clients who have already requested dates of stay and have received a confirmation that their reservation dates have been made in Lombard Veterinary Hospital's system. Please fill out consent for each pet that will be staying with us. If you have not made a request for boarding either through phone call or through the online form please fill it out here or give up a call at 630-627-7090. 


Boarding Policy: 

Our boarding policy can be found at this link. If you have any questions regarding the policy please contact us!

In case of emergency
By indicating an emergency contact person other than yourself, you are authorizing this person to make medical and financial decisions regarding your pet in your absence.
Will your pet be eating Hospital Diet or will you be bringing in their own food during their stay?
Please describe your pets food in this location: (Hills D/D Diet, Purina Pro Plan, Eukanuba)
Are there any special dietary requests during your pet(s) stay we should know about?
Please note that administration of up to 4 oral medications are included in regular lodging fees if they can be easily given and are given no more than every 12 hours. Please note, medications do require a technician check-in.
Medication #1
Medication #2
Medication #3
Medication #4
Medication #5
Dates of Stay
Additional Services
Click any of the following below for additional services you want during your pet's stay. (applicable fees shown for listed items)