Veterinary Assistant

Tomasa joined the LVH team in May of 2023. She loves video games, makeup artistry, horror moves, jewelry making, yoga, swimming, video editing, and dancing. She also has certification as a Makeup Artist and as a Veterinary Assistant. She earned her, Veterinary Assistant certification from Triton College in 2019. Prior to being in the vet med field, she was a caregiver for the elderly and always had a kind and passionate heart for caring for others. She is looking forward to working with the talented technicians here and learning from various doctors. She also has a strong urge to learn more about exotic animal medicine. Tomasa has two dogs, a Pitbull names Michonne (from The Walking Dead) and a Yorkshire Terrier named Ireland. She also has two rabbits, one named Tiffany and the other Pinto, they both are males.