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Dr. Jessa Ovitt

Associate Veterinarian
pet hospital

Dr. Jessa Ovitt graduated with highest honors from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 2003. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Sciences. Among Dr. Ovitt's special interests are non-surgical management of cruciate disease, therapy laser, integrative medicine, dermatology, infectious diseases, and client education. In addition to small animal practice, she has also worked in shelter medicine and public health.

With three children under the age of 10, Dr. Ovitt and her husband are busy parents. They recently celebrated their 17-year wedding anniversary and are active in their local church. The Ovitts share their home with Tippy, a 13-year old Schnauzer mix, and Zoe, a 16-year old cat who they adopted right before veterinary school. Her family enjoys exploring DuPage County and love being outdoors.