Curbside and Drop-off Logo

Lombard Veterinary Hospital's top priority is everyone's safety, clients, patients, and our entire staff. We will be operating under normal business hours during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are still committed to serving you and your pets during this time, that is why we are offering you Curbside and Drop-Off Services.

Services Offered Curbside:
  • If you need to pick up any medications or food, please submit the request through our Refill Center or the Pet Page App or you can call it in.
    • If you would like to utilize the Curb-side pick up, please inform us on the phone or in the comments while submitting the Refill Request Form.
  • Refilling of Prescriptions, may take up to 24 hours 
  • We will call, text or email you when your items are ready for pick up
    • We will ask for payment over the phone at that point 
  • When you arrive please call us at, 630-627-7090, when you arrive in the LVH parking lot 
    • One of our team members will bring your items to your car, all that we ask is for a description of your car, ie: color, make, and model.

Drop Off Services At LVH:

Set-Up Appointment:
  • Give Lombard Veterinary Hospital a call and schedule an appointment with our team and mention drop off service
  • Our client service team will then ask for an estimated time of arrival and pick-up (usually drop off would be a few minutes prior to your appointment time).
  • Please make sure to bring your own leash and/or carrier to ensure safe transfer of your pet from the car to our facility
At Appointment Time:
  • Give our Client Service team a call from our parking lot and mention the type of vehicle you are in
  • We will have a consent form that you will be asked to sign prior
  • This allows us to have your pet in our facility and treat for the presenting issues/services requested
  • Our staff will be using a double lead for dogs to ensure saftey in transport across the parking lot and into our facility
    • Please make sure to keep your cat in secured carriers- we will not transport cats without secrue carries
  • Our team will give you updates on the treatments on the contact number that you provided on our printed consent form
After Appointment: 
  • Our team will give you a call to let you know the services have been completed
  • Payment will be taken over the phone with one of our CS members who would be able to transfer any questions to our medical staff
  • Medications, food, or any other products that are needed will be taken out directly to your car
  • Your pet will then exit our facility in the same manner as they entered escorted by our team member

Thank you for continuing to allow us to serve you and your pets during this time.