Lombard Parks to Explore on Take a Walk Day

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When you think of the parks throughout Lombard, one of the first places that come to mind might be Lilacia Park. However, Lombard is home to 18 great parks. They are all great in their ways. Here are some of the ones that you need to take your pups on a walk for Take a Walk Day.

Madison Meadows

One of the largest parks in Lombard is home to many amenities. There is something for everyone to enjoy. The park sits on 85.7 acres and has a great 1.56-mile trail system that will help tire out your pups!

Lombard Commons

Another large park in Lombard plus has a lot to offer with its amenities. The Commons sits on 49.3 acres with a trail system of 1.22 miles. While walking around, make sure to visit the Veteran’s Memorial located at the south end of the park close to the Maple Street entrance.

Terrace View

One of the most nature-focused parks in Lombard. This park is a great place to go bird watching or to throw a fishing line in and sit under the willow trees. The park sits on 44.5 acres of land and has a trail system just under a mile long.

Four Seasons

Home to the famous Log Cabin is Four Seasons Park. Just located down the road from us is one of the great parks in Lombard. There is something for everyone to enjoy when visiting the park, from playgrounds to the sand volleyball court to sitting by the pond. This park sits on 38.6 acres of land and has a nice trail system of 0.66 miles.

Lombard Lagoon

One of the smaller parks in town but has a lot to offer. You can try some fishing or just enjoy the lagoon by sitting on one of the picnic tables. This park sits on 10.4 acres of land and has a half-mile trail around the lagoon.

Lombard is home to amazing parks for everyone in your family to enjoy, including your pets. With the warmer months approaching soon, we urge you to visit all of the amazing parks that Lombard has to offer.