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XUPDATE:We are excited to announce that as of May 17th, we will be allowing clients to accompany their pet(s) during exams. For more information,click here.

Digital Consults

Now Offering Digital Consults at Our Location! 

What Is It? Digital consult logo

Our Digital Consults are your oppornity to reach your favorite Veteriary and Technican Team from the comfort of your own home. Our partner TeleTails allows for our medical professoinals to connect with you via a video stream right from your cellphone. All you have to do is download this app onto your phone. Use this application as a seemless way to get the quick answers you need from liscesed professinoals to ensure your pet is as healthy as can be! 

Why TeleTails? 

  • Have questions about your pet? Let’s set up a digital consultation so that you can talk to your veterinarian from home. 
  • We know it isn't always possible to come into the hospital; TeleTails gives you the opportunity to have a visit from the comfort of your own home utilizing telemedicine.
  • TeleTails is a way for you to connect to the right people who understand your pet’s specific conditions, rather than Googling your medical concerns.
  • TeleTails gives you a chance to get your concerns addressed by a team that cares for your pet as much as you do.

How Do I Sign Up? 

 Sign up is easy! Click here to watch a Step by Step Guide!

  • Take out your phone and go to the app store/google play store and download the TeleTails app.
  • Once there connect with our practice with the code EVISIT. 
  • Add your pet and make sure to add a profile picture!
  • Select Medical Team and connect with Lombard Veterinary Hospital
  • Once there, select start consultation, select your pet and give us details of what is going on with your pet

Digital Consult Scheduling and Exam Process: 

What Requirments Are There To Talk With One Of Our Medical Professionals?

At Lombard Veterinary Hospital, we require an active vet/client relationship to deliver a medical diagnosis electronically. This means that you must be an active client and have had an in-person exam within the last year. Outside of this type of a relationship, any engagement will be high-level and a general conversation. In all circumstances, we reserve the right to suggest an in-person consultation in order to maintain our standards of providing high-level medicine. For more information on the State Laws for VCPR please click here. If you have any questoins, please give our hospital a call at 630-627-7090 and we will answer any question you may have! 

Digital Consult and Telemedicine Hours:

Currently, Lombard Veterinary Hospital digital consults are by appointment only. Please reach out to one of our client service team members to schedule a digital consult with your pet. 


Please see these links from our providers for more information on TeleTails! :

Client Feedback:

"I just finished up my digital consult with Dr. Ernat.  The appointment was for my dog, Lexi.  The app was very easy to use and the appointment was helpful and quick.  Dr. Ernat was able to see what he needed to on Lexi via the camera; and I felt as if I was in the room with him getting that personal attention that he is so great at.  Now more than ever, options like these are greatly appreciated and needed.  Thank you so much for continuing to give Lexi excellent care!!