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XUPDATE:We are excited to announce that as of May 17th, we will be allowing clients to accompany their pet(s) during exams. For more information,click here.

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Below you will find positions that we frequently hire for. While we may not be hiring for every position at this time, please feel free to click on each individual link to view the job description, requirements, and other details regarding the said position(s). We are always looking for exceptional people to join our team. Many entry-level positions require no previous experience, only a love for people, animals and learning!


Associate Vet  - Lombard Veterinary Hospital 

Veterinarian Technician

Experienced Technician - Lombard Veterinary Hospital

Client Service Member

Experienced Client Service Member -  Lombard Veterinary Hospital


Experienced Groomer - Lombard Veterinary Hospital
Grooming Assistant & Bather - Lombard Veterinary Hospital

Patient Care Attendant

Patient Care Attendant - Lombard Veterinary Hospital

To see what working at Lombard Veterinary Hospital is like, watch our spotlight video below.